Automacarale nissan cabstar oil&steel snake 179 din 2004

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Model:Cabstar Oil&Steel Snake 179
Nr. Referinta:#082882
Ore:4780 h
Putere:- CP
Greutate:0,00 t

Specificatii Tehnice

Inaltime de lucru1.750 cm

Tip putere Diesel
Conditie Anvelope fata 80 %
Tip brat Telescopic
Număr de proprietari anteriori1
Conditie anvelope spate 80 %
Istoria reviziei completeDa
Marcaj CE Da

Inaltime ridicare 1.750 cm
Kilometraj 57.100 km
Alte informaţiiNissan Cabstar Oil&Steel Snake 179 City - 17,5m
Working height: 17,5m
Mileage in km: 57.100 km
Operating hours: 4.780
Construction Year: 2004
Emission Class: EURO3
Power: 78 kw
Cubic Capacity (in ccm): 2.953
Type: Hydraulic work platform, Used vehicle
Fuel: Diesel
Permissible Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 3500 kg
Number of Seats: 3
Gearbox: Manual gearbox
Received: on stock
Feature Sets: ABS, servo
Description: The machine has good condition, the engine and hydraulic system are very clean and works well. The prise is NETTO export.
Norma de poluareStadiu III A