Balotiera cilindrica claas baloti rotunzi

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26900 €

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Model:Variant 370
Nr Referinta:#003070

Balotiera Cilindrica Claas Variant 370 Baloti Rotunzi   Camera de baloti Variabila PickUp: 2.10 m (1.9 metre clearing width to DIN standards) Diametru Baloti  0.90 m to 1.80 m Sistem Legare Automata Viteza benzii 2.7 m /sec. CLAAS Medium Terminal (CMT) The VARIANT 350 and 370 models are the ideal balers for most economical operation in dry conditions. Their price-performance ratio is hard to beat, but the CLAAS round baler offers you professional technology combined with the highest throughput. Vanzare Balotiera Cilindrica Claas Variant 370 Baloti Rotunzi balotiere claas Pret   la cerere

Parerea noastra despre presa de baloti Claas Variant 370

Presele de baloti CLAAS sunt caracterizate de calitate si perfomanta.

Producatorul Claas ofera prese de baloti mobile cu posibilitate de conectare la tractor, in diferite variante de dimensiuni si motorizari.

UTILBEN vinde prese de baloti Claas noi si second hand cu plata integrala sau in leasing.