Concasor mobil second hand pe senile om argo de vanzare

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Nr. Referinta:#002740
Ore:4400 h
Putere:138 CP
Greutate:0,03 t

Specificatii Tehnice

CONCASOR MOBIL PE SENILE OM ARGO CAPACITATE: 150 tone/ora DIMENSIUNE ALIMENTARE: 1000x6000mm Putere: [pu] Descriere OM TRACK "ARGO" is a jaw crusher on tracks. The dimensions of its crushing unit inlet are 1000 x 600 mm. This machine is very versatile; it is used for recycling materials deriving from demolition, separating iron parts, and for treatment of quarry materials. Used also for clearance works, roadbeds and asphalt recycling and it guarantees great results from the economic and environmental point of view. Thanks to its high power, equal to 138 kw, the machine delivers great performance, up to 150 t/h, and it carries out its functions in an autonomous way. It is designed to be easily transportable on standard low-bed trailers. Vanzare CONCASOR MOBIL SECOND HAND PE SENILE OM ARGO   Pret: la cerere