Excavatoare takeuchi tb80fr din 2004

15,905 €

Preț total + transport inclus: 15,905 €

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Nr. Referinta:#083579
Ore:6353 h
Putere:- CP
Greutate:0,01 t

Specificatii Tehnice

Istoria reviziei completeDa
Sasiu 85 %

Număr de proprietari anteriori1
Marcaj CE Da

Putere motor 55,7 hp
Accesorii - control de la joystic
Alte informaţiiTAKEUCHI TB80FR
Net price: 15.900 EUR
Construction Year: 2004
Fuel: Diesel
Weight: 8.000
Power: 41.2 kW
Operating Hours: 6.353
Transport dimensions:
Feature Sets:
Received: on stock
Description: The machine has good condition, the engine and hydraulic system are very clean and works well. The prise is NETTO export.
If you have some questions about this machine please write me an e-mail