Instalatie de foraj piloti second hand liebherr lrb 125

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Specificatii Tehnice

INSTALATIE DE FORAJ PILOTI FORAJ SI PUTURI LIEBHERR LRB 125  Tip Utilaj: Instalatie de foraj Marca: [marca] Model: [model] Domeniu: Foraj Piloti An: [a] Ore Functionare:  2500h
The piling and drilling rig LRB 125 is conceived for different piling jobs with vibrator and hydraulic hammer as well as drilling jobs with double rotary head, continuous flight auger and Kelly drilling equipment. 
Technical data
Operating weight 40 t Max. leader length 17.5 m Max. torque 120 kNm Max. push / pull force 20 t Engine output 450 kW Pret: [pret] The latest Liebherr piling rigs to arrive in the Dawson fleet are two LRB 125 XL machines which feature longer leaders than the standard version, providing an effective leader length of 17.5 metres. The operating weight is also greater at 46 tonnes - an additional 3 tonnes over standard models. Liebherr LRB piling and drilling rigs are designed and built as multi-purpose machines and applications include vibro piling; impact piling; pressing; CFA, Kelly and double rotary drilling; ring vibro and deep soil mixing. There are three classes available - the LRB 125, the LRB 155 and the LRB 255, with operating weights from 40-80 tonnes respectively and with leader lengths from 12.5-30 metres. Engines are all Stage IIIA / Tier 3, which not only produce excellent fuel consumption figures but are also compliant with all the latest noise and exhaust emission reduction requirements. Engine outputs are 450kW on the smallest LRB 125 and 155 models, right up to 670kW for the largest in the available range, the LRB 255, giving power to spare on even the toughest piling tasks. The LRB pile-driving and drilling range is equipped with Liebherr's tried and tested, high-technology Litronic engine and hydraulics management system and the latest generation CANBUS. Litronic not only contains all the necessary programmes for the various piling procedures but also provides service and trouble-shooting information in a clear and comprehensive format. Process Data Recording (PDE) is available as an optional extra, allowing the machine to continually calculate and store the current working procedures. A GSM modem can be connected to the PDE for remote, long-distance maintenance and process data transmission. INSTALATIE DE FORAJ PILOTI SECOND HAND LIEBHERR LRB 125 Utilaje FOraje Piloti de medie si mare adancime  

Parerea noastra despre instalatia de foraj Liebherr LRB125

Utilajele de forat Liebherr ofera stabilitate, calitate si putere.

Pentru cicluri repetate de lucru în diferite aplicatii destinate fundatiilor speciale, eficienta consumului de combustibil are o mare importanta, un motiv pentru care Liebherr ofera pentru aceste utilaje, ca si dotare optionala, sistemul inovativ de oprire automata a motorului. Datorita acestui sistem, utilajele Liebherr pentru foraj opresc alimentarea cu energie în timpul pauzelor de lucru mai lungi, dar numai dupa efectuarea unui check–up al diferitelor functii de sistem.

Datorit? func?iei ECO-Silent Mode, turatia motorului poate fi redusa la o valoare predefinita, reducand consumul de combustibil ?i emisiile fonice, dar fara a influen?a in mod negativ performantele de lucru ale utilajului.

UTILBEN vinde instalatii de foraj Liebherr second hand si noi cu plata integrala sau leasing.