Instalatie foraj puturi apa mcdrill mdt 140b noua de vanzare foreze

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Nr. Referinta:#002863
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Specificatii Tehnice


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Folosita in special pentru foraje de apa.
Exista posibilitatea de a fora sub unghi sau chiar orizontal.
Foraje pentru piloti

Capacitate Hidraulica 400l
Motor Diesel Deutz TCD 2012L06
Capacitete 162CP
Putere Maxima ISO TR 14396
Bhp (kW) @ rpm 200 (147) @ 2.300
Racire cu Lichid
Cap de foraj de 32000 Nm, double rotary head
Sistem Top Hammer

Capacitate Rezervor convustibil 200
Lărgime 2,300 mm
Lungime parti mobile 3,330 mm
Ampatament 2,705 mm
Latime Senile 500 mm
Role n ° 8 + 1
Viteza maxima 1,5 kilometri pe oră
Sistem rotativ 5,000 mm
Lungime totala Mast (fără o macara) 7,700 mm
Lungime totala Mast (cu o macara)  9,285 mm
Rotaţie Mast 186 °
Inclinatie Laterala SX 25 ° - 25 ° DX
Forţă tracţiune  10,000  daN
Sistem Jet Grounding pentru foraj piloti pana la adancimea de 15-20m

Big Clamps 570-140
Triplex Mud Pump to drill with mud bentonitic (PFT200-40 200Liters
NOTE: the machine have Hidraulic predisposition so he can mount after the mud pump he wants..)
Magnetic Charger CM500, very useful for deep Drill
Radio Control
Auger GUIDE GE500 for auger of 500mm, y think this can be the best and few expensive solution to drill the big diameter also he can buy (not quote but around 5000euro) the pass of 4" up
the rotary to send little beton directly from the head.

The MDT 140 B is in the middle segment of swinging drill rigs, made for heavy construction site's works. It is easy to handle, reliable and efficient.
All of this down to the use of many new technical solutions.
Active and passive safety devices have been planned during the design phase, that ensure the maximum safety conditions for the operator and surrounding personnel.
The design options planned for the MDT 140 B consider the necessity of a recurrent construction site, for the ability to carry out different work with the same equipment.
It is possible to accomplish coring operations, micropiles, tie rods and consolidation rods, with the jet grouting technique as well.

• High stability on the way and during placing to the advantage of safety and manoeuvrability, even when the rig is equipped with lattice extensions installed for Jet Grouting injections for maximum useful drilling depth of 16m.
• 162 hp engine for excellent performance and application of rotary head of 32000 Nm, double rotary head and Top Hammer. The engine is equipped with electronic system that always keeps the engine functioning under control, giving alarm in case of abnormalities.
• Remote control panel connected with cable, or radio control upon request, for overall vision of the work area and considerable speed up of movement and placing operations, practicable in most safe conditions, especially during loading and unloading operations. All the functions of traverse-placing, mast positioning and drilling process are remotecontrolled from remote electric control panel with cable or radio control.
• Automatic power division system in order to improve the drilling rig's performance and maintain productivity at a high level.
• Automatic devices' application facilitates the use of the rig even by less experienced personnel.
• Ample oversizing of structural parts in view of prevention of possible critical conditions due to possible operator's mistakes.
• Technical solutions suited to guarantee rock-bottom operating costs and maximum easiness of maintenance servicing.

The drill rig meets the CE norm, the UNI EN 791 in particular.