Macara fixa comansa 5lc4010 de vanzare macarale fixe second hand

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Specificatii Tehnice

Macara Comansa 5LC4010 din 2006 28900 Euro calidad An: [a] Înălţime: 43m Lungime brat: 40m Încărcătură maximă: 2000 kg Punta sarcină: 1,000 kg Locatie: Spania  PRET SPECIAL: 28900 Euro *posibilitate de facturare externa *pretul nu include trasport 25 years after the first Linden 8000 Modular Series cranes, Comansa continues the development of flat top cranes and is proud to present today its latest crane range, the LC 500 series. The main objective of this new range is an update of the highly successful NT series by introducing the flat-top design and latest crane technology. This new range of flat-top cranes consists of four models with jib lengths from 35 meters up to 50 meters with a maximum jib-end load of one tonne.


Easy transport and stocking. Economical, simple erection . Sequential erection/dismantling of jib-modules. Smaller height distance between two overlapping machines. Modular compatibility with NT-Series of towers, anchor stools and hoist mechanisms. Safer erection /maintenance. Macara Comansa 5LC4010 din 2006 28900 Euro calidad  

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