Nacele airo sg1000 new - 12m, electric din 2005

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Model:SG1000 NEW - 12m, electric
Nr. Referinta:#083555
Ore:- h
Putere:- CP
Greutate:0,00 t

Specificatii Tehnice

Inaltime de lucru1.200 cm
Tip putere Electric
Conditie Anvelope fata 90 %
Număr de proprietari anteriori1
Conditie anvelope spate 90 %
Istoria reviziei completeDa
Tip tracţiune2 WD
Marcaj CE Da

Capacitate de ridicare 200 kg
Alte informaţiiAIRO SG1000 NEW - 12m, electric
Construction Year: 2005
Fuel: Electric
Type: Articulated Boom lift
Category: Working platform
Working height: 12m
Lifting force: 200 Kg
Weight: 3.900 Kg
Operating Hours:
Transport dimensions:
Description: electric articulated Boom lift AIRO, type: SG1000 NEW (electric) 200 kg lifting force (people / material)
Immediately operational state.
The machine has good condition. If you have some questions about this machine please write me an e-mail.
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