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Specificatii Tehnice

Type RM-160 Mobility :  Stationary 
  • Mixer Capacity 2.000 kg
  • Drum Diameter 2.134 mm
  • Drum Length 8.370 mm
  • Production
    • nominal 160 t/h
    • maximum 180 t/h
Procedure: discontinuous INTRAME Stationnary Asphalt Batching Plants have the advantage to be easily modulareable. This serie of plants can be transported and assembled as modules. Those are the main optionals for INTRAME RM series: * Mix Asphalt Silo * Cold Aggregates Storage Silo * Hot Aggregates Storage Silo   COLD FEEDER / Photos Cold automatic pre-proportioning of aggregates. - Number of hoppers: 5 - Model: T80 - Hopper capacity: 10 m3 - Load width: 3.7 m - No. of feeder motors: 5 - Power of each motor: 2.2 Kw - Voltage: 220/380 V - Remote control from the control panel - Upper-level grid. COLD FEED CONVEYOR BELT Mounted on the chassis of the previously described unit and located underneath all of the feeders. It collects the aggregates proportioned by all of the feeders and transports them to the intermittent feed belt. - Width of belt: 800 mm. - Power of belt drive motor: 7.5 Kw with emergency stop. DRYER Unit made up of all the elements described below: HOT AGGREGATES ELEVATOR Of the bucket/scoop variety, vertical and enclosed, with a 25 hp motor, with access ladders, maintenance platform and inspection hatches with security key. - Power of the drive motor: 25 hp (1.8 Kw) - Voltage: 220/380 V DRYING DRUM / Photos Within this rotating cylinder made of steel plate and insulated - Diameter: 2,275 mm. - Length: 9,010 mm. BURNER Medium pressure - Manufactured by: Genco. - Model: AF 60. - Drive voltage: 380/660 V. - 60 hp motor. Fitted with a hood for noise and heat insulation. SIFTER Horizontal, fitted with two trays for four sizes of aggregate plus rejection. Totally enclosed within a sealed casing equipped with a dust suction conduit. - Surface area: 1.8 m x 4.570 m - Power of the drive motor: 11 Kw. HOT AGGREGATES SILO Consisting of four chambers, with pneumatically driven discharge/unloading hatches. - Capacity: 30 tonnes. WEIGHING-MIXING UNIT Includes the three scales for the independent weighing out of the aggregates, the bitumen and the filler or cement. MIXER Consisting of two parallel 20-blade shafts which rotate at 42 rpm and have a capacity of 2,500 Kg. Driven by a 55 Kw motor. The internal blades, paddles and cladding are manufactured in wear-proof cast steel and are replaceable. Pneumatically driven discharge/unloading hatch. BAG FILTER - Model: FE-RV-396, with 386 bags - Filtering surface area: 636 m2 - Power of the fan-extractor drive: 110 Kw Heat insulated using a mineral fibre matting within a metal casing in order to prevent the effects of condensation.   COMPRESSOR For cleaning the bags and driving the pneumatic systems of the entire plant. Mounted inside the chassis of the bag filter. - Manufactured by: NOVAIR, S.A. - Model: SC-S35. - Drive power: 55 Kw. DRUM. - Manufactured by: CALDERERÍAS IRUSA, S.A. - Volume: 1 m3. - Maximum working pressure: 10 Bar. SILOS For intake filler, 30-tonne silo, external pneumatic loading system, vibratory cleaning filter, silo to scales transporter screw with 5.5 Kw motor. Twenty-five-tonne cylindrical silo for retrieved dust, with suction tube connected to the aforementioned filter, enclosed bucket elevator driven by a 3 Kw motor, control hopper and rejection tube for taking leftovers to the silo. Transporter screw connecting the control hopper with the scales driven by a 4 KW motor and two transporter screws for the dust coming from the filter and for discharge. CONTROL CABIN Measuring 4.5 x 2.5 m. The electrical command equipment and all the automatic controls are installed inside it. Panoramic design, air-conditioned with access ladder, contains the control and command equipment for the entire plant. ASPHALT AND FUEL TANKS - Two 80,000-litre tanks for asphalt. - One 60,000-litre tank for fuel oil. - One 5,000-litre tank for heating oil. Cylindrical. Made of electrically welded steel plate and clad with an 80-mm layer of mineral wool and encased in aluminium. Equipped with automatic temperature controls and a heat-control valve for the oil flow. Equipped with a hot oil heating coil that is automatically regulated in order to maintain a preset temperature.     PNEUMATIC INSTALLATION. For controlling all of the hatches and supplying air to the burner. The plant is fitted out with connecting pipe work, pressure regulators, filters, pressure gauges and air valves".  Vanzari STATIE DE ASFALT INTRAME RM-160 SECOND HAND  Pret: [v]  

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