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Model:Easy Batch
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Specificatii Tehnice

The supermobile "EasyBatch" is an aphalt mixing plant especially developped by SIM to respond to the high demand of batching plant with a medium production capacity but with a very high degree of mobility. Supermobile and supercompact batch type unit with an hourly output up to 90-100 tons, all assembled on 2 semitrailers whose dimensions are suitable to travel even on ordinary narrow roads. The width of the 2 semitrailers does not exceed 3 meters. The two semitrailers have all the necessary elements for the production preassembled, including pipelines and electrical cables, bitumen and fuel storage tanks and oleothermic heater. Mechanical jacks with supporting plates already connected allow an easy and fast plant positioning on site, no foundations and no cranes are required. The plant is supplied fully assembled and tested in SIM factory and thanks to the easy trasportability and manoeuvrability the exceptional maintenance can be carried out in a workshop during the winter season so as to reduce time and costs.
* Indicative productions for standard configurations and at the conditions mentioned here
EB 100 Max. continuous output with 3% humidity without RA proportion  t/h  85 Aggregate pre-dosing      Number of feeder ADL    2 + 2 Contents  m³  24 Drier drum      Type designation    1410 /1650 Length  m  6.3 Diameter  m  1.41 / 1.65 Burner output  MW  6.6 Fuels    Basic configuration: Diesel (heavy oil, gas or combi also available) Drum drive  kW  4 x 4 Output with 3% humidity  t/h  90 Output with 5% humidity  t/h  75 Dust extraction filter      Extraction output  Nm³/h  29156 Filter area  m²  330 Mixing tower      Screening    4 fractions + bypass Screening machine type    VS 1440 Screen surface  m²  22 Hot aggregate silo 1-row  t  9.6 Hot aggregate silo 2-row  t    Aggregate weighing scale  kg  1920 Filler weighing scale  kg  171 Bitumen weighing scale  kg  190 Effective mixer capacity  t  1.2 Maximum mixer output  t/h  96-108 Bitumen supply    Bitumen 25 m³, horizontal Filler supply    Optional Integrated charging silo Content/Number of chambers    Directly on Truck Cold addition up to 25%    With direct input in elevator or mixer Hot addition up to 50%    -

Sim Ammann

Produsele Sim Ammann in cateva cuvinte: peste 130 de ani experienta in peste 60 de tari, randament ridicat, consum scazut de energie, maxima afidabilitate, nepoluante chimic si fonic. Experienta tehnologica reflectata in peste 1000 de statii de acest fel vandute in toata lumea.   In cadrul gamei exista varianta Quick care permite o instalare fara realizarea fundatiilor productivitate medie (90 - 100 to/ h), dar cu grad ridicat de mobilitate. Asamblarea se face pe doua semitrailere cu dimensiuni care permit si transportarea pe strazi secundare, latimea acestora nedepasind 3m. Easy Move - statie pozitionata pe 4 pana la 10 semitrailere - montaj prevazut intr-o zi cu realizarea probelor in ziua urmatoare - nu sunt necesare fundatii sau macarale - capacitatea statiei este de 160 - 180 to / h cu  variante suplimentare pentru capacitati mai mari ale cilindrului uscator, filtrului si arzatorului pentru mentinerea aceleiasi productivitati in caz de umiditate ridicata Pret: [v]