7 things you need to be careful when you buy a Combine

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7 things you need to be careful when you buy a Combine

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The combine is among the most important investments in the agricultural field, as it helps farmers to be more productive, saves time and money. That's why the purchase decision on the model and the specifications of the combine can be very difficult.

Top manufacturers have invested heavily in performance and endowment of combines lately, focusing on its capacity and power, but also on user comfort. We can see in the following table a significant evolution of combinations per year.

  1985 1989 1995 2004 2005 2010 2016
Engine power 147 206 243 316 390 434 653
Bunker capacity (l) 6300 9100 9500 11,500 12,000 12,500 14,500
Header dimension (m) 6.1 7.3 7.4 9.2 9.2 12.0 12.0

As far as of combine sales, America is the leader, followed closely by Europe


Going back to the subject of this article, there are a few things you have to do when looking for an agricultural combine:

  1. What size of the header is suitable for my culture


While combining with a large header size sounds good, it may not be the best decision. When considering the size of the header we must take into account the size of the land where we have the plantation and the availability of emptying the combine hopper (if we do not have a high capacity grain picking machine, we risk waiting for the grain hopper to empty too much time and not be efficient).

2. What type of header do I need?

The header model differs, depending on the type of plantation you have. The most common header models are wheat/ oats/barley, corn, and sunflower. Besides these, there are also harvesters, grapes potatoes, etc.

header combine

3. Operating hours

If you buy a second-hand combine, you have to keep in mind the hours of operation. Typically check the number of engine and separator operating hours. To a large extent, they should coincide. Depending on the operating hours of the combine, one can notice the wear it has.

4. Check for wear or major repairs

Even though the best method of checking wear is that of working hours, signs of wear can also be observed visually. Signs of welds, tears, or strokes on the machine show inadequate maintenance of the machine.

5. Cab Comfort

Because the time spent in the cabin can be a big one, we have to make sure we have all the necessary conditions for us to do business. Air conditioning and seat configuration can provide additional comfort while using the machine.

6. The right brand

Taking into account the pressures we have during harvesting, it is essential that the car is reliable, which means choosing a brand with a strong reputation on the market.
Brands such as ClaasJohn DeereNew Holland, and Case are known and tested on the Romanian market. They have an extensive network of dealers, which means that the problem of finding the pieces will not be an impediment.

UTILBEN offers 24 hours service for all the brands marketed by UTILBEN.

7.  Services and warranties provided by your supplier

Collaboration with your supplier does not end when you pay and receive the product, this relationship needs to be expanded through various services provided by it. (warranty, service).

UTILBEN offers its customers an extended warranty of up to 12 months and a technical inspection for each sold machine.

services utilben

If you are looking for a second hand, see what we have on the UTILBEN stock

In the video below you can follow the opinion of a UTILBEN customer on what to pay attention to when purchasing a second-hand combine.

7 things you need to be careful when you buy a Combine

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