Backhoe loader or compact excavator? Which is better?

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Backhoe loader or compact excavator? Which is better?

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Before buying one of our machines, we need to see what is best for your business and what are the benefits to each of them.

Which machine is better for you?

When it comes to choosing the machine we must keep in mind that they can not be replaced one another because each has their advantages in different situations.

Which machine is best for your business?

  • Backhoe loaders can perform large-scale work with increased movement speed.
  • Compact excavator is compact and easily adaptable in many situations. If you want to use it for digging ditches or other activities that cause minor damage to the soil, this is the right choice for you.


How big is the site?


  • Backhoe loaders can easily move into more places to solve more tasks in a shorter time for you.
  • Compact excavators fit into smaller construction sites when you need to use them in narrow or crowded places.

How far is where you work?

  • Excavators can run up to 40 km / h on optimal road surfaces.
  • Compact excavators are easy to transport with a simple trailer from one place to another.

At present, the most purchased construction equipment in Romania is backhoe loaders. But what are its benefits?

Benefits of a Backhoe Loader

  • Large workloads - Backhoe loaders can perform much heavier loads than a compact excavator.
  • The Distance to Work - Having a much larger arm than a compact excavator, the backhoe loader reaches a much larger excavation bucket and can dig at a greater depth.
  • Attachments - The backhoe loader, just like a compact excavator, can use the excavation arm for many activities because of the wide range of attachments that can be used.



  • Front bucket - In front of a compact excavator, a backhoe loader can be used for loading thanks to the front bucket, which can also be of several types.

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See what backhoe loader do:



Advantages of the compact excavator

  • Agility - The compact excavator is easy to handle on any field surface thanks to the track.
  • Easy to put into practice - The operation of a compact excavator is much easier than a backhoe loader, so costs for operator training are reduced.
  • Easy access - With a compact excavator you have easy access to the narrowest places, with even access inside the buildings.
  • Transport - Compact excavators are very easy to carry on any platform, reducing logistical problems.
  • Multifunctionality - As with a backhoe loader and a compact excavator, it is possible to use attachments.



  • Low operating costs - Compact excavators have much lower maintenance and operating costs than backhoe loader.

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See what Compact Excavators have:


When choosing we must think in time, what projects we may have in the future and which equipment according to their benefits is best for me.

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