Front loader or telehandler?

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Front loader or telehandler?

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Stacking the baler, filling the fertilizer distributor, loading the grain in the truck, there are many moments in a farm when you need a machine to load certain materials. But what do you need? By a telehandler or a front loader?

In almost every operation on the farm or on the agricultural land we need one of these machines to manage the materials every day. In addition, when it comes to animal farms, these machines are even more indispensable.

The first decision we take is the telehandler due to the features it holds, such as the speed, lifting height or weight that it can lift. Telehandler are designed for this purpose. Most tractors brands have loaders.

Normally, farms in Romania would opt for front loaders because they can be used for both land-use and material-grain loading. In most cases, farmers attach front loading systems to older tractors.

What are the advantages of a telehandler?

  • Safety - they allow tilting work to be carried out at a much lower risk due to good weight distribution across the entire machine axis.
  • Versatility - Most equipment allows for easily changing front attachments, be it a bucket, a fork or a ballast clamp. They also include a rear hook to tow trailers or other agricultural machinery. Telehandler for agriculture can overcome various obstacles, from muddy land to hills.
  • Maneuverability - Manufacturers have upgraded these types of machines to be as effective as possible in their work so they can be used in narrow places, can have a high lifting height.

Other advantages of a UTILBEN client

All this means a clear improvement in productivity and a long time saving in all tasks where a telehandler is required.

In the video below you can see several ways in which the telehandler can be used to help you in your work:


What are the advantages of a front loader

  • Low cost of ownership - many tractor models come from the factory with front struts, which allows the attachment of a front bucket.
  • Flexibility - because both the earthwork and the handling of materials and machines are done with a single machine, it does not require 2 operators or the movement of two machines at the workplace.

How much does a telehandler cost me?

Everyone's question is what are the costs of a telehandler and whether it is more advantageous to use such a machine or to use a front loader.

The price of the machine is also given by the intensity of use of each machine. The front loader (the front forklift tractor) can be used much more intensely by performing fieldwork, so the cost of repairing the machines can be much higher. Another important aspect when talking about the price of the machine is to think about the advantages of using such a machine, the advantage of productivity and comfort that I have described above of a telehandler.

View UTILBEN telehandler:



Front loader or telehandler?

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