How to increase your productivity in the agricultural sector?

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How to increase your productivity in the agricultural sector?

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When it comes to efficiency in agriculture, we have to take into account the automation of agricultural equipment and the new technologies in this field. In order to have an increased efficiency, we must keep the pace with modern times and with the technology that must be used for the better.
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In this article we will go through the agricultural equipment most commonly used by farmers.


One of the most important machinery in the agricultural sector is the tractor. From farming to animals, the emergence of the tractor has been an enormous step in making productivity more efficient. From plows with a band, we came to the plug with 14 or more bundles. The utility of the tractor starts from ground clearance and preparation and continues until sowing and harvesting the crop.
But the functionality of the tractor does not end on the plantation, connected to a trailer it can transport the production, or with other attachments such as cups which can load the grains, or plows, snow blades, can also be useful during winter.

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Trailers are of several types, several sizes with lateral or rear discharge, etc. The main types of trailers are: open trailers, closed trailers and detachable trailers.
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Attachments for tractor:

Bucket / Front Loader

The front cup can be very useful if you need to load or transport bulky items from earth, grain to fertilizer. Front loaders are often used by farmers to relieve certain tasks.


Seeders are used for seed introduction into the soil with minimal soil disturbance. They are often used for crops such as grains, herbs, fodder. Seeders are of many kinds, from seed that puts the seeds in the earth to the ones that scatter them.

Spraying of substances

If we are talking about making production more efficient, we must also consider the treatment of culture. Thus, it has to be guarded by all the factors that can affect its growth.

Agricultural combines

Cultivating crops is an important step in the production process. Combine it with a large header can help increase productivity. The combine is recognized due to the many types of hedge that can be attached to it. From wheat, oat, to corn, sunflower, potatoes or grapes.
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Telescopic loaders

Telescopic loaders can replace the front loaders. They are more efficient due to the level they can raise. Like a front loader, it can load balls, grains, or clean the ground.
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Keeping up with technology helps farmers make less effort and give more returns. At present there are systems of land analysis, meteorological analysis or harvest analysis.


Front loader or telehandler? How to increase your productivity in the agricultural sector?

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