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Model:596 Hydratrac
Nr. Referinta:#002522
Ore:7000 h
Putere:96 CP
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STATIE DE SORTARE Finlay 596 Hydratrac   



Stare buna de functionare

The Finlay 596 is the latest development in the Hydratrak range and offers the operator increased stockpile capacity since the swivel conveyor can rotate through 1200. It also creates new application opportunities for the 596 such as pipe laying and trench filling operations. Machine movement and swivel conveyor rotation are all controlled from a hand held remote control. Standard Features Additional Information * Twin deck vibrating grid with loading area 4.2m (13'.8") x 2.7m (8'.9"). * Hopper capacity 5m³ (6.6yd³). * Diesel powered 72kw (96Hp) air cooled power unit. * Portability - radio controlled twin trak undercarriage and swivel conveyor. * Radial stockpiling capacity 180m³ (235yd³) - Right to left function suitable for pipe line installation.
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