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The most important things to know about forklift trucks

Publicat de UTILBEN12/09/2018

The most important things to know about forklift trucks

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The forklift is a small industrial vehicle that has a platform with a hydraulically operated fork, attached to the front that can be raised or lowered to handle a certain load.

Do I need a forklift for my type of activity?

As a business owner you need to know if you are experiencing problems with moving equipment or large capacity materials. If you own a large real estate business that houses a factory or a warehouse, then a forklift is almost a must.

Forklifts simplify workload:

  • If you need to transport cargo pallets, it is almost impossible to do this without using a forklift. These can be handled in tight spaces where larger vehicles do not have access.
  • Forklifts are a much more effective way to move bulky objects, unlike labor.

Forklifts are much safer than alternatives:

  • With new, more streamlined and modern safety features, forklifts are now a much safer alternative to using workforce or other types of pulley and pulley systems.
  • If most heavy wounds are carried out by a forklift, the risk of injury is much lower.

Forklifts are commonly used in many industries, such as:

    1. Construction - Industrial forklifts can be used in construction sites, with which they can transport construction materials. With a forklift, brick pallets, construction materials, steel beams, etc. can be unloaded. Note that forklifts used in construction must be heavy-duty forklift trucks, they have bigger wheels to help them move on different types of land, thus increasing their travel speed.

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    1. Deposits - The most common places where we find a forklift are the warehouses. They are mainly used for loading or unloading lorries and for transporting goods. Forklifts can also be used to arrange pallets on shelves for storing them.

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  1. Recycling - Another place where a forklift can be used is the recycling bins. Forklifts are often used for recycling operations, unloading trucks and recycling containers and transporting them to sorting compartments.
  2. Shipyards - Forklifts are often used in ports, helping to unload or load ships, transport containers, etc.
  3. Other uses - Forklifts can also be used for other things, not just for handling goods. For example, using a forklift and a snowplow attached, the snow yard can be squeezed out.

What is the structure of a forklift?

Forklifts are often made up of:

  • Frame - Frame is the most important component of the forklift. All other key elements are attached to the vehicle frame.
  • Counterweight - This is a weight attached behind the forklift that helps to counterbalance the lift load.
  • Power supply - The forklift power supply. The engine can be powered by LPG, diesel or electric.
  • Mast - Hydraulic lifting used to lift and lower a load.
  • Forks - They are attached to the mast, the lifting platform.

Which stacker to choose? - LPG, diesel or electric


Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are the most environmentally friendly, not smoke-free during operation. Due to the weight of the battery, acting as a counterweight, allowing the machine to be more compact and easier to handle.


  • Friendly to the environment;
  • Excellent for use in small areas;
  • The lifespan of electric forklifts is usually longer;
  • Low operating time per hour;
  • Simple to operate;
  • Less loud.


  • Battery charging time;
  • Requires a charging station;
  • Can only be used indoors.


LPG forklifts

LPG-fueled forklift trucks have long been popular, largely because they can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Low carbon emissions;
  • Highly available;
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-corrosive.


  • Low energy density per volume;
  • LPG fuel is heavier than air, causing potential safety hazards if it is inadequately used.

Diesel forklifts

Diesel Forklifts are the most suitable for the outside. When used outdoors, evaporation of gases into the atmosphere is much easier.


  • Running costs are typically lower compared to LPG forklifts;
  • Diesel Forklifts typically have more power;
  • Fast to feed.


  • May be more expensive;
  • It requires more frequent filter and oil exchange;
  • The total weight of the forklift truck is usually higher;
  • Requires well-ventilated areas.

Lifting capacity of the forklift?

Each forklift has a weight limit and maximum capacity and it is essential to know this information.

  • Maximum Load Capacity - this refers to the maximum weight that your forklift truck can carry safely. This information will always be found on the load capacity data card.
  • Lifting height - a large mast truck usually has two different lifting capacities. A lifting capacity refers to the maximum weight that it can load at a low height, and another capacity refers to the maximum weight weighing at the maximum height of the machine.
  • Cargo height - it can consist of several elements, from 2 to 4 opening elements. The more the mast consists of several opening elements, the higher the lifting height.

UTILBEN forklift

The importance of the cabin seat

One of the safety accessories is the chair. This ensures both operator convenience and safety during use.



What are the costs of a forklift?

The most common costs for a forklift are the initial costs (purchase of the machine), the payment of the operators and the fuel costs.

A HYSTER-YALE study shows how costs are shared by a forklift / hour.

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If you need additional information or want to purchase a forklift please contact a UTILBEN consultant:


The most important things to know about forklift trucks

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