Sortare - concasare 1100 x 800 custom built mobile jaw crusher din 2005

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Model:ustom built mobile Jaw Crusher
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Specificatii Tehnice

Alte informaţii1100 x 800 custom built mobile Jaw Crusher, built in 2005 Year, Only 4120 Hours on Meter. Neyrtec Jaw box installed, this crusher box has had some welding and some repair plates welded, crusher box requires attention before working. Jaw plates and cheekplate all approx 40-50% good. Scania DC950 Diesel Engine installed and driving 300 kva generator. Crusher + Conveyor belts are electric driven. Large hopper with folding bins, tray feeder feeding onto vibrating pre-screen before Jaw. Large side / dirt conveyor (removed in photos for transporting) Also large folding discharge conveyor, belts good. 4x landing / levelling jack legs. This is a large robust mobile Jaw Crusher cheap for a quick sale in its current condition. Everything at present is running & working, See Video Below
Transport Dimension: 16.2m L x 3.52m W x 4.4m H
Weight: 70 Tonnes
Only €39,000 for Quick Sale, Delivery Can Be Arranged