Tractoare john deere 6930 premium de vanzare

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Marca:John Deere
Nr. Referinta:#002508
Ore:1164 h
Putere:10 CP
Greutate:0,00 t
garantam ca pozele sunt conforme cu realitatea 7 zile garantie transport gratuit in 10 zile utilaje verificate si inspectate posibilitate garantie extinsta (pana la 1 an) finanatare max 48h aiastenta technica service 24h

Specificatii Tehnice

Marca John Deere Model 6930 P
An 2007 Ore 1164 h Roţi tracţiune 4 roţi tracţiune Stare Stare foarte bună Uzură pneuri faţă NC Uzură pneuri spate NC Localizare Anglia Comentarii POWRQUAD 40K,TLS,AIR CON,AIR SEAT,3 SPOOLS,520/85X38 80%-420/85X28 80%,   All models feature a Tier 3 turbocharged engine with the same high pressure common rail fuel injection system as on the Premium machines, but in a simpler overall package without the variable geometry turbocharger, exhaust gas recirculation and Intelligent Power Management system. The engines deliver 20 per cent constant power and a five per cent power bulge when required. There is now a wider choice of transmissions, depending on model, including Power Reverser 16/16 (30 and 40kph), PowrQuad Plus 16/16 (30 and 40kph), and PowrQuad Plus 20/20 and 24/24 (40kph only). All include a new electrically operated left-hand reverser that is incorporated into the new tilting and telescoping dash unit. A number of changes have been made to the cab, compared to the previous SE range, to improve operator comfort. Noise levels have been reduced to 71dB(A), rear visibility down to the pick-up hitch has been improved, and cruise control is standard. Other improvements include the relocation of the heater from the cab roof to underneath the seat, which greatly improves visibility when using a front loader. Additional standard features include a remote pto control, large capacity fuel tanks up to 250 litres (325 litres optional) on the new 6830 and 6930 models, and increased lift capacity options ranging from 4 to 6 tonnes. An optional factory fit vandal protection kit is available, which includes a lockable bonnet, fuel cap and transmission oil cap, and both Parallel Tracking and AutoTrac Universal steering systems are available as field fit options if required.

Parerea noastra despre tractorul John Deere 6930

Tractoarele JOHN DEERE Second Hand sunt printre cele mai fiabile si performante tractoare second hand disponibile pe piata din Romania. Constructia tractoarelor John Deere este robusta si compacta. John Deere sunt tractoare second hand ideale pentru efectuarea lucrarilor grele din jurul fermei.

Producatorul american de tractoare John Deere ofera o gama de utilaje agricole fiabile cu costuri de operare mici si valoare de revanzare foarte buna. Tractoarele John Deere imbina puterea cu performanta si confortul.

Pentru a va ajuta sa realizati mai mult în fiecare zi, tractoarele John Deere au fost proiectate sa va ofere performante extraordinare atat in camp, cat si pe sosea. Au toate calitatile si intreaga putere si fiabilitate la care va asteptati de la John Deere, plus caracteristici noi si inovatoare care le fac mai versatile, mai puternice si mai eficiente decat oricand.

Gasiti la UTILBEN o selectie de top de tractoare agricole John Deere Second Hand atat din punct de vedere al caracteristicilor tehnice, cat si al preturilor. Va oferim posibilitatea de a alege tractoare John Deere pentru viticultura, pomicultura, legumicultura, lucrari agricole in camp, lucrari grele, lucrari forestiere, lucrari in ferme zootehnice, lucrari urbane.

Datorita acestor avantaje va recomandam achizitia de tractoare John Deere second hand si noi cu plata integrala sau leasing.